See the Sunrise
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April 20, 2012


See the Sunrise

  • 1. Down to Mexico
  • 2. See the Sunrise
  • 3. Man You Wanted Me to Be
  • 4. I'm Feelin' Better
  • 5. Old Oak Tree
  • 6. Shady Lane
  • 7. The Dealer
  • 8. Greasy Headed Granny

Some additional info about the album

Asked to describe the essence of their recently completed musical masterpiece, "See the Sunrise," some members of local mainstays the Bo Henry Band are at a loss for words.

Drummer Tim Carter loosens his reluctant bandmates' reticence when he offers, "The album's like a nice bowl of gumbo with a lot of spices thrown in. There's a lot there to eat."

Bassist Terry Stubbs has his own unique take: "I like the idea that if you turn (the album) up all the way, it gives you a nice sonic cleanse."

Next up, percussionist Mark Brimberry: "This album is a kaleidoscope; all the songs are different. It takes me back to our first album, what, 15 years ago? And it proves that old saying that the more things change, the more they stay the same."

Leave it to the band's namesake, though, to cut to the essence of the question. "This album is like this band ... We ain't country and we ain't exactly rock; we ain't Southern rock and we ain't soul and we ain't an oldies band and we ain't bluegrass ...," Bo Henry says as he ponders the query. "But we're all of that. We're whatever we feel on any given night.

"I guess the album is just us, it's who we are."

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